100% Organic Brazilian Sauce made with Oklahoma Ingredients!

The "Vinagrete" is a very popular garnish in Brazil. The original version of this sauce is a mix of finally chopped tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, along with a well-balanced mixture of spices, peppers, lime, vinegar and olive oil. We use it as a garnish, but quite honestly, I've seen people eating it all by itself.

The Vinagrete adds a little bit of citrus and spicy flavor to the food. We used it everywhere! Wtih white rice, a loaf of bread, with chips, oysters, on top of a juicy piece of steak, you name it!

Our version of the Vinagrete goes a little beyond the traditional ingredients (sorry, mom!). First off, I love adding olives to my vinagrete. Second, I like to add fresh oregano and fresh basil. Third, (and this one is not Brazil's fault) the original recipe doesn't have jalapenos or habanero peppers on it. We use the pimenta malagueta instead. Well, after living in Mexico for 2 years I have to admit that their spices are delicious!!!  So, why not add to the mix some mexican flavors too? They all taste great!

As you can see, Taste of Brazil is more than a recipe. It is an explosion of flavors that you must experience! And this site will help you to pair our Brazilian Vinagrete with both simple and more refined foods. This is a very versitale sauce, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy every bite.

Need ideas? We put together some recipes for you!