100% Organic Brazilian Sauce made with Oklahoma Ingredients!

Cold Dishes

Oysters in the Shell

4 dozen fresh oysters in the shell (Bluepoints or other large flat-shell oysters)
rock salt (presentation)
1 cup of Vinagrete
lemon wedges

1.Scrub oysters under cold running water.

2. Using a strong-bladed knife with a hand guard, insert the knife tip into the hinge between the shells. Twisting the blade to pry open the oyster, move the blade along the inside of the upper shell to free the muscle from the shell. Remove and discard the top shell of the oyster.

3. Slide the knife under the oyster to sever the muscle from the bottom shell. Use this shell for serving the oyster on the half shell. Discard any bits of shell on the oyster.

4. Transfer to a platter lined with rock salt.

5. Top each oyster with 1 teaspoon of vinagrete. Serve with lemon wedges.

Beans Vinagrete Salad

2 cups cooked black beans, unseazoned.

1 can corn

2 medium tomatoes, cubbed (remove the seeds)

1 teaspoon Chili Powder

1 cup Vinagrete

Mix all ingredients above and enjoy! You can serve the salad over slices of bread or with white rice. So easy and yummy!

Clams in Vinagrete

1.5 lb fresh Clams

Fish Broth


1. Bring the fish broth to a boil as you wash the clams.

2. Boil the clams on fish broth until they open. Discard the unopened ones. 

3. Remove the clams from the shell and add it to a bowl with vinagrete.

4. Let it refrigerate for 2 hours.

Serve it French Bread slices or Garlic Bread :)